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How to choose your champagne

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43% of the world's population occasionally drink champagne. During a celebration ofbirthday, wedding, engagement, birth..., many uncork a bottle to celebrate the event and accompany the meal. Sometimes, some consumers enjoy sharing a good bottle during an aperitif. It is a very popular and appreciated product. Moreover, there are a large collection of champagne on the market. But, which one to choose? What is the best bubbly wine?

Choosing your champagne is often complicated. With so many bottles available online or in supermarkets, it can be difficult to choose. Know that it is easy to to recognize an excellent sparkling wine. All you have to do is identify the points that will help you find a bottle that meets your needs. What are the main elements to consider for choosing the right champagne(s) ? Follow our guide around the topic to learn more.

Knowing the different vintages to choose your champagne

Before finding the right champagne, it is necessary to distinguish the different types of champagne. Note that the world of wines allows to find many kinds of bubbly bottles to accompany your dishes. By making the difference between these champagnes, a consumer can select the one best suited to his needs and desires. Indeed, he will choose more easily an ideal champagne for a birthday party or a wedding meal. Découvrez notre inventaire des différents crus qu’il faut connaitre pour bien sélectionner son champagne :

  • Vintage Champagne : It is one of the most pleasant products of the terroirs made with grapes of the same year. This vintage sparkling wine is aged for three years in the cellar of the winemakers before being available on the market.
  • BSA or Gross Without Year : Several grape varieties are used to make this bubbly wine. The producers make a blend of pinot meunier, pinot noir and chardonnay. Then, they raise in cellar during 18 months the obtained vintages before putting them on sale. Know that the houses producing BSA have each their own dosage for the mixture of these grape varieties. This point makes it possible to distinguish a brand from its competitors.
  • Blanc de blancs : This kind of bottle is distinguished by the method of production. The winemakers use only white grapes to create this champagne. In fact, they prepare exclusively the blanc de blancs with 100% chardonnay. The white champagnes are perfect to match with meat dishes, game, veal.
  • Rosé champagne : It is a prestigious product of the terroirs which seduces many consumers. This champagne is made with red wine that is macerated for a certain period of time. In general, the winemakers make the wine with pinot.
  • Dry, semi-dry or sweet champagne: it is essential that the amount of sugar in this product is greater than 15g. To obtain a sweet bubbly wine, the winemakers only add 50g of sugar per liter. While in the case of a dry champagne, it is necessary to 18 and 33g per liter of sugar.
  • White of black : This kind of champagne is made by blending pinot meunier or pinot noir with white juice. In fact, black grapes are blended with white juice to obtain a cuvée with exceptional aromas.
  • Champagne brut : It is one of the most famous vintages in the world of wines and champagnes. But not only that, it is the most classic and the most consumed among the types of vintages. This champagne is distinguished by a sugar dosage between 6 and 12g per liter. Note that the brut is distinguished by aromas of yellow fruit.
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Find the best quality champagne

Identify the label to make the right choice of champagne

How to select the best champagne? After having determined the type of champagne you want, you must deciphering the label. Each bottle is provided with information to identify it. A lot of information is detailed on the label. These elements are very useful in the choice of a champagne. On the label, several mentions are indicated:

  • The aoc or aop appellation of champagne,
  • The name of the producer, the brand or the house,
  • The grape variety or varieties used in a blend to make the product,
  • The year of production or the years to age the vintage,
  • The dosage and alcohol content.

Good to know: There are many champagne houses. However, the most popular ones around the world are Moët&Chandon, Bollinger, Nicolas feuillatte, Ruinart, Roederer, Deutz.

Champagne blanc des blancs Ruinart

Choosing a bottle based on price

The price is one of the main criteria to find the best of the best champagnes on the market. Indeed, it is an important point to find a good product. Moreover, many people often base themselves on the price to select a champagne. If you neglect this element, you risk paying a high price for a vintage.

How much does a good champagne cost exactly? The price of an excellent bottle varies greatly depending on many factors. Indeed, the rate can fluctuate greatly depending on the house or the brand. But not only, the region of production, the reputation of the manufacturer, the storage capacity can influence the price of champagne.

How to do to know the cheapest bottle on the market? This is a rather complex question. To help you, Here is a selection of the best champagnes with a good quality-price ratio:

  • Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé : It is one of the best vintages with an intense nose. This rosé is perfect for an aperitif. This bubbly wine is available at a price of about 25 euros.
  • White of whites Pierre Callot : it is one of the best grands crus to accompany your meal. This sparkling wine stands out for its delicacy, finesse and tension. However, its dosage is quite high. The price of the Pierre callot is 18 euros.
  • Sparkling wine prosecco Zonin : This quality vintage comes from Italy. It offers extraordinary aromas in the mouth. The price of Zonin prosecco is currently only 8 euros.
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