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What are the good brands of champagne?

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The brand of a champagne is first of all the name of the trading house. It is the supplier who buys the grapes or the wines. A champagne brand can produce all or part of a bottle. In the world of wines, there are more than 330 highly regarded brands. But what is the best champagne brand sur le marché ? Quelle est la cuvée qui se démarque énormément des autres ? Envie de connaitre les réponses à ces questions ? Détails.

Champagne Laurent Perrier Grande Cuvée

It is a product that has a lot of prestige in the world of high quality wines. This product is characterized by several points:

  • This cuvée is the result of a traditional blending technique. Its composition is made of 47% of Pinot Noir and 53% of Chardonnay.
  • Apart from this particularity, Laurent Perrier champagne has a long ageing period of a dozen years in a cellar.
  • The producers respect several requirements to obtain an exceptional vintage.
  • Know that Laurent Perrier reveals a seductive and sparkling dress.
  • In addition, it has notes of extreme citrus, acacia honey and butter.

Moet Chandon, a renowned champagne brand

This label is very popular in the world of wines and champagnes. Indeed, it has a good reputation. Moreover, it is recognized worldwide among the best champagnes in the world. The brand Moet Chandon offers several types of champagne. From rosé to white, from brut to vintage tradition, different ranges of champagne are provided by this great brand.

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Note that its champagnes are distinguished by the use of many Champagne grape varieties. Pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot meunier. Thanks to these grapes, Moet & Chandon provides bottles that bring incredible sensations in the mouth. In addition, they offer the palate explosions of notes and flavors of fruit, freshness, a little acidity.

Moet chandon champagne house

Maison Krug for a champagne with a great history

This brand of champagne was born in 1843. It offers exquisite bottles with an original and unique taste. The Krug champagnes convey a history and a great know-how. This house provides great vintages rich in intense and perfect individual notes.

During big celebrations like a wedding or at Christmasor during a simple aperitifKrug champagne is a must. This brand has succeeded in creating an unshakeable position in the world of wines and champagnes. Moreover, it takes care to provide a sparkling wine with fine and lively bubbles.

Dom Perignon, a high-priced champagne

The Dom Perignon bottle is very different from other champagnes on the market. The price in euros of this good champagne is quite high. However, the cost is worth it. This champagne promises exceptional aromas. Moreover, it has peppery and spicy notes that delight the taste buds. Apart from these characteristics, Dom Perignon is also characterized by a sparkling golden color. Its bubbles are perfectly lively and fine.

Dom Perignon sparkling wine is tasty, greedy and generous. It is ideal for to accompany gourmet dishes during Christmas, wedding, engagement, birthdays... During exceptional events, Dom Perignon champagne is an excellent choice.

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Champagne brut dom perignon

Pol Roger Champagne House

This brand celebrates its 170 years in the world of vineyards and wine. It has a strong reputation. Pol Roger currently offers a large collection of vintages. These champagnes come in different types. There are the brut champagne, the blanc des blancs, the vintage rosé, the demi-sec... Its bottles are classified among the correct champagnes with a good quality-price ratio.

This brand distinguishes its bottles by an exceptional, refined and intense style. Today, the champagnes of the Pol Roger house are available all over the world. In France, many wine shops and restaurants distribute the bottles of this brand.

Nicolas Feuillatte style, a house offering elegant and fine wines

Nicolas Feuillatte is a brand that combines prestige, luxury and refinement. This house has a particular style in the elaboration of incredible products in the mouth. Apart from this point, it is also important to know that this brand works in close collaboration with 5,000 winemakers. Nicolas Feuillatte's products are specially made from several grape varieties:

  • Pinot noir which brings an incredible structure to the vintage sparkling wine. But not only that, this type of vineyard grape guarantees notes of red and white fruits.
  • Pinot meunierwhich allows the vintages to release supple, unctuous flavors of yellow fruits.
  • Chardonnay which ensures a perfect lightness to Nicolas Feuillatte champagne. Moreover, this vineyard variety allows to enjoy fruity and floral aromas.

Veuve Clicquot House

This label is one of the most recommended to enjoy a very pleasant champagne for an aperitif or a meal. The Veuve Clicquot house offers a wide variety of champagnes. Rosé or white wine... The bubbly wines of this brand are made with different grape varieties. The manufacturers often use a blend of pinot noir, chardonnay or pinot meunier. The blend of these grape varieties creates a fresh and opulent champagne.

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But not only that, the product of the Veuve Clicquot brand offers fruit notes and a powerful nose. This label is very different from other champagne houses. It makes sure to carefully balance power and finesse.

Champagne veuve cliquot

Maison Ruinart, the oldest champagne brand

It is the oldest of the champagne houses. Indeed, Ruinart dates back to 1729. So much so that it has been able to forge an important place in the world of best champagnes in France and throughout the world. This brand currently offers a wide variety of sparkling wines. Consumers can enjoy a wide collection including champagne brut, vintage rosé, blanc des blancs. So many choices are possible with the Ruinart brand.

Chardonnay is the main raw material for Ruinart champagnes. This house uses only 100% chardonnay to produce elegant, fresh and light white wines. In the case of rosé vintages, Ruinart combines two grape varieties. Indeed, the chardonnay is mixed with pinot noir to create a rosé champagne of great quality.