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Which champagne to choose for a birthday party

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Looking for the best champagne for a birthday party? Do you want to offer a quality bottle as a gift? But which bottle of champagne to choose ? Currently, there are many champagnes. It is a product very appreciated for big or small events. During an anniversary, drink champagne or offer a bottle is an excellent idea.

The champagnes are considered among the most prestigious and sophisticated wines in the world. You have many choices in the beverage market. How to choose? Follow our guide and our selection to find the best champagne of the moment.

Choose a birthday champagne according to several criteria

Champagne is available under different names and labels on the market. So much so that it seems difficult to find the best vintage. Finding the right vintage is quite simple. To do so, you just have to consider several important selection criteria. Price, quality, range, personalization, label, year... To help you, our experts detail the main elements to consider in order to choose the right bottle or box.

Finding the right champagne for the birthday meal

The choice of champagnes to serve to guests can depend on the holiday meal. Indeed, you can select the ideal bottle according to the menu. Whether you are planning a large meal or a simple aperitif, this point should be well considered. Discover some useful suggestions for selecting the best champagne to accompany the meal:

  • Champagne brut : It is an excellent choice for an aperitif with friends or colleagues for a birthday. This kind of bottle is less sweet. Moreover, it can easily make a good match with tarts, mini pizzas, mini quiches, cookies, puff pastries, salted macaroons...
  • The bottle of rosé champagne : This product is perfect for an aperitif. It has a light and pleasant note in the mouth. Moreover, drinking pink champagne will not spoil your appetite.
  • White champagne : champagne 100% chardonnay is a perfect white for a seafood birthday meal. You have planned a buffet of shrimps, lobster, clams, scampi, oysters, crab. In this case, the white is very recommended by the experts in wine and champagne.
  • The bottle of pinot noir : Champagne made from these grape varieties is suitable for meat dishes. Indeed, a bottle of pinot noir is perfectly adapted to this kind of dish.
  • The sweet champagne : Many recommend pairing this type of vintage with dessert. The sweetness of a mild champagne makes a nice marriage with pastries.
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Choosing a good champagne

Opt for a personalized bottle as a birthday gift

Personalized bottles are now a big trend for a birthday gift. Indeed, a champagne with a personalized label is ideal for an original and unique present. This kind of gift is much more memorable than a box of chocolate.

Are you looking for an exceptional idea to please one of your loved ones? During a birthday party, a bottle with a personalized packaging is perfect. It is a lasting and pleasant memory. Today, several champagne houses offer bottle personalization services in France. One house provides a labeling service with photo and name of the gift recipient. In addition, it takes care of the delivery.

Choosing a champagne by price and quality

The different bottles differ in price and range. A consumer can choose an excellent champagne according to these points. Indeed, these elements can be used as criteria of choice in order to find the best bottle.

Among the best quality bottles, there are the Dom Pérignon vintage. What is the price of the best champagne ? However, this sparkling wine is only available at a high price. Its cost is more than 700 euros. Only the great amateurs can be tempted to buy a champagne at this price. Moreover, the Dom Pérignon bubbly vintage is classified as a high-end champagne.

The best champagne with fruity notes

Looking for a more affordable bottle? The sparkling wine market allows you to find cheap champagnes. These products are often sold at a price below 23 euros. This is a cost that appeals perfectly to consumers.

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Our selection of the best champagnes on the market

Having trouble choosing champagnes for a birthday party? There is no lack of exceptional bottles. There are several interesting types and labels to delight guests. To help you, we have prepared this selection of the best champagnes of the moment:

  • Grande Cuvée de Krug : it is one of the best bottles of the moment. It is very famous in the world of wine and champagne. It is made with a blend of several grape varieties. 18% of Pinot Meunier, 33% of Chardonnay, 49% of Pinot Noir. Its price is around 185 euros.
  • Blanc de Blancs de Ruinart : This champagne is the best for the aperitif of a birthday. It seduces with its unique spicy notes. The manufacturers use mainly chardonnay to make bottles of Ruinart. The price of the Ruinart box costs more than 230 euros.
  • Grand Vintage rosé of Möet & Chandon : This product is an all-terrain rosé. It is perfectly suited for birthday, Christmas or wedding celebrations. This vintage is distinguished by its spicy and red fruit flavors. Its price is between 70 and 390 euros depending on the year.

The pink champagne