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What is the price of a good champagne?

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How much does a bottle of champagne cost? The cost of this sparkling wine varies according to the vintage, the year and the quality of the product. But not only that, it also depends on the rarity of the champagne and the brand. Note that there are many labels for bubbly wines. Ruinart, Krug, Laurent Perrier, Champagne dom perignon, Pinot-Chevauchet, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Lacroix Triaulaire, Marin Lasnier Didier Marc, Dosnon...

These are only a few brands of champagnes on the current wine market. The price per bottle varies greatly between these different labels. You should know that the average cost of a Brut champagne is between 25 and 35 euros. However, it can happen that the price of the cuvée fluctuates according to the distributor. Want to know more about the price of champagne in euros? Here are the details.

The best champagnes for less than 20 euros

It is common for bottles of champagne to be drunk on special occasions. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, births, baptisms, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve... This drink is a must to celebrate an event with elegance and originality. During these parties, many people are looking for a cheap and pleasant champagne. However, it is important to master the right dosage when drinking this type of beverage. Indeed, everyone should drink in moderation even if it is champagne.

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The best champagne in the world

Currently, consumers want to take advantage ofa vintage with a good quality-price ratio. Note that there are several choices of champagnes in the world of great vintages. What is the price of a correct champagne ? The sparkling wines under 20 euros are highly sought after for festive occasions. Many people want to find these vintages at a good price for a meal, a top aperitif, or for their personal cellar. What are the the best champagnes at prices under 25 euros ? Here is a list established by our wine experts:

Champagne Sanchez Collard

It is a premier cru brut available in supermarkets or online. This sparkling wine is made with 100% chardonnay grape varieties. It has notes of white flowers and fruits. During the tasting, this vintage allows to feel lemon flavours very appreciable in the mouth. This premier cru champagne from the Côtes des Blancs is sold at a price of around 21 euros.

Bottle of Champagne Alain Bedel

This cuvée is made by the house of Alain Bedel. It is an establishment that dates back many years in the wine world. This house uses a traditional blending technique to create this exceptional vintage. Indeed, it mixes several grape varieties to obtain the champagne Alain Bedel. Pinot noir, pinot meunier, chardonnay are associated in order to design a bottle with fruit aromas. The price of Alain Bedel champagne is about 19 euros.

Champagne Boulachin-Chaput

This house was born from two Champagne families specialized in the production of bubbly wines. It produces the cuvée brut under the name of Champagne Boulachin-Chaput. This bottle is distinguished by an expressive nose including dried fruits and candied apples. Moreover, it has toasted notes that seduce many consumers. The price of this excellent bottle is only 18 euros.

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The top of the range champagne

The guide to the best champagne in the world according to the supermarket

The majority of the great champagne consumers buy their champagne in supermarkets. In the heart of these large-scale distributions, it is possible to find several cheap brands. Indeed, bubbly vintages are inexpensive and numerous in these establishments. During the big celebrations of Christmas, end of the year, Easter, sales are in full rise for champagnes in supermarkets. What are the best brands of champagne according to the distributor? Among the most sold, there are the brut champagne, the cuvée carte noire, the grand cru tradition... By the way, here is a small inventory of the best champagnes according to the supermarket to stock your cellar:

The good champagnes at Auchan

Auchan is one of the major retailers offering a wide choice of champagnes from different houses. This establishment allows to find a large collection of bubbly vintages. Consumers can access to different choices of white, rosé, brut, tradition... Among the best bottles at Auchan, there are :

  • Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé ChampagneIt is an intense and harmonious sparkling wine in the mouth. The Nicolas Feuillatte pink vintage is available in real stores and online at 25 euros.
  • The Zonin Prosecco bottle: This product stands out with its singular notes that seduce the taste buds of the guests. Its cost is not expensive, as it is around 8 euros only.
  • The white Chanoine Frères : This vintage is the most prestigious on the market. It is suitable for a festive meal or an aperitif. This bottle is available at a cost of around 23 euros.
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The good champagne with an excellent quality-price ratio

The best champagnes at Leclerc

Sales during festive periods increase enormously, especially for champagnes. Indeed, many consumers turn to this sparkling wine to celebrate a special event. At the supermarket, the general public is snatching up the different champagnes at the best price for their personal cellar. At Leclerc, sales are increasing for this type of product. Within this large retailer, several brands of champagne are on display and easily accessible. Among the best selling vintages at Leclerc, there are only Lanson Le White Label Dry. This sparkling wine is available at a cost of around 28 euros.

The excellent bottles of Carrefour

Besides Auchan and Leclerc, Carrefour is also one of the major distributors of champagnes in France. Indeed, this supermarket currently offers several labels of bubbly wines. Here is a list of the best products on the champagne shelves at Carrefour:

  • AOC Xavier Loriot: It is a brut champagne with aromas of pralines and peaches. Its cost is around 23 euros.
  • Philippe Fourrier Vintage : This wine is appreciated for its original taste in the mouth. It is available in supermarkets and online at 20 euros.
  • Champagne Nicolas Geusquin : This vintage brut tradition contains a rather low alcohol content. However, it is an excellent choice for experiencing singular aromas. The price of this product is only 15 euros.