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What price for a good champagne ?

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Need a champagne to celebrate several years of marriage? Or for an aperitif or a hearty meal with friends or family? Want to find the best bottle to offer for a birthday or a personal cellar? But how much does a quality wine cost? The cost of a bottle depends on the brand, the year and the type chosen.

Know that the price of the most expensive champagne in the world is 1.8 million euros. This famous luxury cuvee is designed by Alexander Amosu. Not everyone can buy such a champagne. Does it exist more affordable bottles for the general public ? Is drinking champagne a luxury only for the rich? How much do you have to pay to enjoy a good quality vintage? Answer.

The most expensive champagnes in the world

Many people think that champagne is a luxury product and too expensive. In fact, many people hold back from drinking this type of wine for fear of the price. It is important to know that there are several categories of champagne. It is possible to find expensive bottles and cheaper vintages. The choice depends on the consumer's desires, needs and budget. What is the the highest award for the best champagne in the world ? In the ranking of the best and most expensive sparkling wines, you will find the following list:

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Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage

The Gold Medalion Orfevres bottle is one of the most expensive in the world. Its price reaches 4,000 euros. This bubbly wine is made from a blend of grape varieties. Indeed, the grapes used to conceive this champagne include Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Note that the distribution of this vintage is limited.

Champagne Cristal roeder

Champagne brut rosé Boerl & Kroff

The house making this cuvée uses a blend of Pinot meunier and Pinot noir. Moreover, this champagne has very pleasant fruit notes in the mouth. This Prestige product is sold at a price of approximately 2,900 euros.

Dom Perignon White Gold Brut

It is a rather expensive champagne which brings freshness to your celebrations. The house producing this cuvée has a great notoriety. Moreover, Dom Perignon is one of the the most correct champagne brands on the market. AOC Dom Perignon bubble wine is made using a traditional blending technique. This champagne is available for purchase in supermarkets or online for a price of 2,200 euros.

Vintage bubbles Krug les Creations' Assortment Case

This champagne is very different from the other products of the vineyard. It is classified in the category of AOC krug cuvee edition limited. Therefore, its distribution is quite limited. Apart from this point, this champagne has exceptional aromas that seduce the taste buds. Its purchase price is around 1 500 euros.

Champagne rosé Dom Perignon Oenotheque

It is an ideal product for an aperitif or a meal. This wine is made with a mixture of chardonnay and pinot noir. It has a complex nose. Indeed, several aromas are present. With AOC Dom Perignon, a spicy note, red fruits or blood oranges are perceived. The mouth of this champagne has finesse, freshness and elegance. This prestigious vintage is available for purchase for approximately 1100 euros.

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Good to know: These prices are presented as an approximation. Please note that the cost of these champagnes may vary depending on the distributor.

Drinking champagne

The best champagnes at affordable prices

Vous cherchez le meilleur champagne le moins cher sur le marché pour votre cave personnelle ? Il est possible de trouver une cuvée à prix accessible pour le grand public. Tout dépend du distributeur ou de la marque. Pour vous aider à investir le champagne brut, rosé ou blanc des blancs parfait, discover our inventory of the best champagnes at affordable prices:

Cheap Champagne according to the distribution

Supermarkets and online sales sites are currently selling champagnes of different brands. But not only that, these distributors also offer promotions for the purchase of a box or a bottle. You can benefit from the lowest prices for champagne in supermarkets.

  • At LeclercAt the same time, consumers can find a large collection of inexpensive champagnes. Among its star products, there is the Pol Carson champagne and Lanson Le White Label Sec. Its price is only 25 euros during promotions.
  • Auchan is a department store that offers bubbly wine boxes with delivery. Among its less expensive and very popular champagnes, there are the Brut Baron-Fuenté grande réserve à 19 euros.
  • Carrefour currently offers several choices of vintage wines. Among the most sold are Philippe Fourrier's champagne brut range. This bottle is available at 20 euros.
  • Amazon allows wine and champagne lovers to access a large collection at attractive prices. At the heart of its catalog of great vintages, consumers can find Ruinart white of whites or rosé box RuinartPol Carson.
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Champagne in supermarkets

Best cheap champagne at independent winegrowers

The independent winegrowers offer several choices of champagnes with an excellent quality-price ratio. The vintages sold by these producers are often the least expensive. The price of champagne is often below 25 euros. Here is our selection of the best quality sparkling wines at discounted prices from independent winemakers:

  • Didier Marc: this champagne is classified in the range tradition brut at 25 euros.
  • Domaine Gratiot-Pillière : a cuvée classified as brut tradition for 23 euros.
  • Champagne Bruno Roulot : a brut vintage produced by an estate in the hills of the Marne Valley. This champagne is available at a price of only 20 euros.

Personal champagne cellar